Equipment List

PlaySpace Dungeon Equipment is an awsome combination of kit assembled from various sources. Photographs are in the Members Area.


PlaySpace equipment includes:

The Gibbet  – a massive Gibbet with winch – former ST kit


Bondage Tilt Table – padded table with restraints which tilts – former ST kit


Bondage Long Bench – purpose built for bondage – former ST kit


New! Very Alternative Furniture Spanking Bench with restraints


New! Heavy duty cage with blacked out head compartment/neck stocks


New! Spanking bench which converts to queening/water sports bench


Bondage Wheel – restrain them and turn them upside down or spin them!
“Fetters” Bondage Spanking Bench
CBT Pillory with restraints
Rugged St. Andrews cross (formerly Night of Pan)
Rugged Wooden Stocks (formerly Night of Pan)
Spanking Horse (formerly Night of Pan)
Kneeling Bench (formerly Night of Pan)
Adjustable Bondage Chair
Bondage Bench
St Andrews Cross
Spanking Horse
Pommel Horse
Wrought Iron Standing Cage
Restraints Apparatus especially designed for Bastinado
Throne Chair
Locking Queening Box
Screened Medical Area
Mattress Mats for pets or floor bondage
A selection of House Toys, cling Film and PalletWrap!


A convertible TABLE with STIRRUPS! (currentlybeing repaired)


Equipment normally rented from Dungeon E4 includes:


The Spider Web or Pentagram


Large Cage/Spaning Combo




Large wooden cage for 2


Suspension Frame with Winch


Double St Andrews Crosses