London Playground Parties

What are the London PlayGround Parties?

These parties began as a result of a conversation with a “Little” about the lack of PlayMeets for their niche.  Personally, I thought it was a great opportunity to get out and play in a different environment and have always thought those cubes were perfect to tie people up and for suspension. (Pervert!)

I thought surely there MUST be a venue which had adult parties and guess what – There IS!

Do I need to be a PlaySpace member?

No, as this is not at the PlaySpace Venue.  You also witll not be a PlaySpace member after attendance at a PlayGround Party, though it would obviously give you the references you need to become one.

What goes on at the London PlayGound Parties?

All sorts.  The “Littles” play and colour and eat sweets and have modelling clay and play party games.

Other people chase each other through the playground and go down the slides.  Others sit and chat.  Others do bondage and suspension bondage.

We did take dungeon equipment to the first party and they were not comfortable with it.  However, they know who we are and play is allowed.

So, basically, the limits are nudity, body fluids and just being sensible as they are a vanilla venue.  Any questions, feel free to ask.

The Advertising Blurb

Back by Popular Demand!

A Party in an Adventure Playground! For the Littles (and not-so Littles)

September 17, 2016 from 7 pm to Midnight


An evening of slides, adventure playgrounding, party games and colouring books and pervy playing (or just being wicked)!

Put on your party frocks or your onesies or comfy gear or Fetish gear (arms & legs need to be covered on the slides)!

Or Dress up!  Come as Alice or the Queen of Hearts!  Put on your Mad Hats! Get your grins polished!

But keep your capes at home cuz they’ll get stuck on the slides! :-D


This is the deal:


This is a Real Adventure Playground in London!

Reviews of the last parties will be posted when I find them, but there is a Playground Party Group at

For our sole use, it must be rented from 7-9 (thus the extremely early start. Sorry).

Each hour thereafter is optional and paid extra at an extortionate rate. We have booked until Midnight, but staying open past 11 depends on if enough people book to pay for it.

Alcohol (alcopops & beer) is served and drinks are approx £3 per drink and the bar serves until 1030. They have snacky type items, slushies and too many sweets!

They know we are kinksters and it is a playparty, so you can play (just keeping in mind to be a bit discreet while we convert them, some of the staff are a bit young – though the last party we suspended one of them!  :-D )  It is a perfect place for suspension – riggers are enjoying it!

This is how you get to attend this one of a kind event:

Tickets are £ 20.00, payable in advance.   Entry is by door list only.

Please email (fastest response time) or memo for more information, to arrange for your ticket or if there are any questions.